Black to the Future II

Sankofa approach to youth work

in the African Diaspora community

BttF 2.0.png

Black to the Future II is a Sankofa Approach to Youth Work Practices in the African Diaspora Community that is contributing to building a self-sustaining system that encompasses the intergenerational cultural specificities of the African Diaspora in Europe.  It will identify and document youth work practices in the four additional cities of Munich, Rotterdam, Lisbon and Manchester to expand the work done by the first version of Black to the Future which was between the cities of London, Cologne, and Amsterdam and took place from March 2017 to September 2018.

The project objectives are:

  • training and study visits for 80 youth workers and managers;

  • sharing youth work practice;

  • understanding the principles of Ubuntu, Sankofa, Appreciative Enquiry, World Cafe, Open Space and Digital Mapping;

  • using audio-visual media to map the history of youth work and informal education;

  • further development of the intergenerational youth work tool kit and to promote European Integration and African Diaspora Identity.

Black to the Future II is co-funded by European Commission within Erasmus+ Programme.