The first Ubele’s Men’s Conversation from ‘The Griot’ – Devon Thomas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who attended and participated so effectively in the Ubele Men’s Conversation that took place on International Men’s Day last Monday 19th November.
The responses have been universally positive, remarking how refreshing and inspiring the day was and how it had contributed to new thinking and created new energy!
As organisers we will be seeking to capitalise on this most auspicious of initial steps and follow up with more practical outcomes, as we will be using the proposals that came out of Monday to put together a more substantial ‘Men’s Conversation’ in the New Year
We will be circulating an account of the deliberations of the day shortly and will post the video footage that was shot and the testimonies given in the ‘Video Box’.
More ‘Conversations’ are planned for the New Year for ‘Elders’ and ‘Youth’ and a ‘Grand Conversation’ for all sections of our community later in the year.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped to organise the event. It took a long time to realise but it was well worth the effort!
If you haven’t received it already, please fill in the feedback sheet below.
Wishing you an enjoyable festive season.
D. Thomas

Graphic Facilitation images by Drew Sinclair

Roy Edgeworth