LLoyd Leon Community Centre

Ubele supports the development of Lloyd Leon Community Centre (colloquially referred to as ‘The Dominoes Club’), Brixton.

The need to design a new more sustainable model for BAME led community centres across England was a key recommendation within the Ubele Initiative’s report entitled, A Place to Call Home (2015).

Ubele provides a comprehensive package of support and development to the LLCC. A clear vision of the future for the centre will be identified, supported by the local community based on the needs of the community. It will be developed and delivered in collaborations with local stakeholders including current and future centre groups and their users, members of local Brixton community, other local service providers, faith groups, local authority staff, councillors and local social and for-profit businesses etc.

Our assistance will also offer LLCC wider benefits including an opportunity to become a member of our unique and growing network of BAME led community organisations with spaces which we have established. Membership facilitates access to a growing range of creative social leadership programmes, skills development and learning pan London and across Europe which specifically target BAME communities.

It also offers opportunities for intergenerational collaboration and partnership working and the generation of new ideas as well as creating space for young emerging leaders from BAME communities to meet, co-create and grow.

The overarching objective of our support is to help facilitate LLCC become an exciting, vibrant and creative community-based facility that is fit for the 21st century and beyond.