Creating resilient communities through social leadership


This project is a social leadership training programme that aims to develop participants' personal and professional social leadership skills. The learning activities will give participants new frameworks for enabling positive change in their communities. The project involves a UK consortium of 4 organisations and 2 receiving European partner organisations who will provide training input: Change Lab Theory facilitated by Impuls in Berlin, and Appreciative Leadership course run by Fractality in Athens.

The key objectives of our project are:

 - To strengthen the capacity of individual organisations to anticipate threat, plan for change and develop new initiatives 

- To develop leadership skills by gaining new knowledge, insight and understanding of effecting personal, organisational and societal change 

- To encourage collective action as a way of solving challenges that cannot be resolved by individual working

- To build our consortium to offer mutual support and to develop new areas of work

- To impart new skills that will enable participants of the project to successfully tackle and navigate the complex challenges that their organisations often face 

- To develop pan-European connections and partnerships to meet identified development needs both now and in the future

- To share good practice and create future opportunities to facilitate European and international partners' learning as a 'receiving' UK consortium  

This project is co-funded by European Commission within Erasmus+ Programme.