Mali Leadership Day at Coin Street Community Centre, July 2017

On 29th July 2017 we hosted Mali Enterprising Leaders project event – Leadership Day. During the day we hosted Leaders 18 - 30 years old and Elder Leaders 40+. The event attended community groups from Derby, London, Manchester and Leicester.

The day explored leadership within the context of young people and their 'emerging leadership' potential as well as older people and their (potential) status of Elder. Yvonne Field outlined the need for the participants to examine and define their intergenerational models of community leadership. That opened two parallel workshops for the two groups of leaders.

Leaders 18 - 30 years old shared their leadership journeys and had an opportunity to look at models of leadership and social action and choose the one that work for them.

Elder Leaders 40+ discovered how they can support the next generation of young enterprising community leaders (18-30 years) and got an update on the Mali Enterprising Leaders Programme and how your organisation can use it to develop.

At the end of the day both groups took part in a lively intergenerational dialogue and discussed the ways to cooperate together well in the future.

Read more about the event in our BLOG piece.

Roy Edgeworth