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Leadership Training - Apply now for Art of Hosting in Crete

April 1st, 2022
“The course revealed how hosting is a fluid process that we all participate in, whether that is individually or within a group setting. As human beings we each play hosts to our own thoughts and feelings, as social beings we are also hosts to the different relationships we are part of – what kind of host do you want to be? This is an important question to ask not only with regards to facilitating community engagement but also with regards to cultivating a relationship with self.”
— Art of Hosting Participant
“I have attended previous trainings with another organisation, but I felt this one impacted my life professionally and personally. I met change makers that are doing great things for their communities and this empowered me to do more.”
— Art of Hosting Participant

Course name: Art of Hosting 

Dates: Sunday 24th April to Saturday 30th April 2022 

Location: Crete, Greece  

Fee: £130 

Project: Ubuntu Social Leaders Academy 

Travel information: Please check here entry requirements and travel guidelines to Greece

Application deadline: Monday 11 April 2022 

Description of the course 

Explore hosting and harvesting conversations as a core leadership practice and skill set for leading change. We will offer practical and effective tools for building our collective capacity, facilitating community engagement processes, and hosting conversations and meetings that effectively include all voices weaved into collective intelligence and inquiry. During the training we will co-build shared knowledge of how to best create wellbeing in our communities and organisations. 


The following questions will frame our training: 

  • How can we more effectively engage a diverse group of stakeholders in order to increase sustainability and wellbeing in our communities? 

  • How can we be responsive to the needs of the communities or organisations that we are accountable to or serve? 

  • How can we work with adversities and complexity in a way that accounts for all different points of view? 

Article: Did the ancient Greeks get their ideas from the Africans? 


Learning aims of the course are to:  

  • To create and develop a team of skilled community leaders/change facilitators, offering training to groups that are considerably more diverse (race/ethnicity, gender and age) than the make-up usually found on such international social leadership programmes 

  • To strengthen the capacity of individual organisations to anticipate threat, plan for change and develop new initiatives 

  • To develop leadership skills and competencies by gaining new knowledge, insight and understanding of effecting personal, group, organisational and societal change 

  • To encourage collective action as a way of solving community-based challenges that cannot be resolved by individual working or thinking 

  • To impart new skills to enable participants to successfully tackle and navigate the complex challenges that their organisations and communities face 

  • To develop pan-European connections and partnerships to meet identified development needs both now and in the future 

  • To share good practice and create future opportunities to facilitate transnational and international partners' learning as a 'receiving' UK consortium. 


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