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Navigating Space Under Lockdown: Experienced professional “Baby Boomers” & “Gen-X’s” are working for and alongside “Millennials” to promote their views and voices

December 21st, 2020
Junior Mtonga, Navigating Space Under Lockdown Project Manager

Junior Mtonga, Navigating Space Under Lockdown Project Manager

“As we wind down to the end of this very much unprecedented year - while new “Tier 4” restrictions start for some & others remain under other tiers - I think it is true to say that most people are ready to say goodbye to 2020 & hope that 2021 will be much more positive!”

Coming into the Xmas break - Parise, Nikwhat, Mooed, Tyler, Simin, Sufiatu, Ayisatu, Serayna, Nasra, Nasar, Ella & Sajidah - our team of regional research partners, have almost completed their training and preparation to launch the nationwide Covid-19 BAME 18-35 surveys, as part of our Navigating Space Under Lockdown programme

They have been working closely alongside Barbara, Jordana and Daniel - the UCL DPU team, to develop and prepare the research framework.

From April 2021, UCL, Ubele & other partners will consider how these findings can contribute to changes on a national level. Operating ‘inter-generationally’ is key, with experienced professional “Baby Boomers” & “Gen-X’s” working for and alongside “Millennials” to promote their views and voices. This research piece is aimed at giving young adults more direct prominence in policy shaping and having a seat at the table where change-making conversations take place.  

Paul McKenzie, Foam20

Paul McKenzie, Foam20

FOAM20, our delivery partners, will also be working closely, but remotely, with the research team from January - March, to bring together stories from across the country. These will form a short film produced by Paul McKenzie. 

If you have an interesting COVID-19/Lockdown related story, particularly from the North East region of England, that could be included in our research and film - get in touch.

The online surveys will be sent out next February. They should take just a few minutes to complete. We are working on prizes and incentives for participants.

If you want more information about our surveys/findings or to take part in the programme please click here.

About the author

Suzgo Junior Mtonga 

Founder and director of 1Love Community CIC (2014-2019) & One Love Ubuntu Cooperative (2018-date). Previously (2012) co-founder of One Love Get Real, which hosted events based around ‘community conversations’.

Left a career in corporate banking (2009), to pursue a different path directly ‘helping people’. After becoming a professional gardener (2011), began to work closely on the ground in communities - which led to a move into social enterprise. 

Junior created and set up (2015) first major project “Nomadic Community Gardens”. Since then have set up further ‘meanwhile spaces’ & consulted on various others, mainly across East London. Currently working for The Ubele Initiative as the Navigating Space Under Lockdown Project Manager.

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