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Agbero 2100

Towards Sustainable Black and Racially Minoritised Communities.

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About Agbero 2100

Agbero 2100 is a strategic intervention developed by The Ubele Initiative in 2023. The intervention is designed to provide long-term support and resources to Black and racially minoritised communities, with the aim of creating sustainable communities, redeveloping community assets, fostering intergenerational leadership, and promoting community enterprise.

To learn more about the significance of the name "Agbero" and why it was chosen for the Agbero 2100 initiative, please click here.

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Why do we need Agbero 2100?

Agbero 2100 is a response to the persistent challenges faced by Black and racially minoritised communities in the UK. The Ubele Initiative's previous research, 'A Place to Call Home' (2015), highlighted the threats to community assets and the lack of targeted support for these communities. It also noted the gentrification of neighbourhoods traditionally associated with these communities. The intervention is also a response to the growing awareness of racial inequalities, which have become more pronounced due to events like the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on our communities and the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

The recognition of the impact of our initial ground breaking research led us to commission ‘A Place to Call Home 2.0’ in 2021, which has provided additional insights into the scale of community asset loss. It also offers a tool for organisations that can be used to assess and identify various stages of development, helping to guide our efforts in addressing short-term and long-term support needs.

What will we do?

Agbero 2100 will provide long term strategic and tailored support to a cohort of Black and racially minoritised organisations, moving away from short-term projects and programs in order to achieve sustainable outcomes.

The intervention is a collaborative effort that involves strategic partnerships with organisations like the Good Ancestor Movement (GAM), and others. These collaborations will support Ubele in becoming a more sustainable organisation in the initial phase of the strategy.

Agbero 2100 will provide infrastructure support to up to 50 Black and racially minoritised community-based organisations, selected from across England, through online and in-person workshops, peer networking, and one-on-one support. 24 of these organisations will be selected for further bespoke support and 20 organisations will also receive support for health and well-being.

The support offered will focus on the following six areas:

·      Governance and Leadership

·      Operations and Infrastructure

·      Financial Resources

·      Physical Asset Ownership

·      Impact and Effectiveness

·      Connectedness and Engagement

In London, the initiative will be rolled out with funding from Propel London, supporting 10 organisations to redevelop their sites, offering learning programs to over 600 leaders, and providing community outreach and engagement support across three London boroughs.

Ubele will capture and document the learning that emerges from Agbero 2100, with the goal of producing new ideas and creating a tested model that can be shared nationally to inform wider practice and systemic change. The programme will introduce participants to various approaches, including systems thinking, scenario planning, new economic systems, financial performance, and more, with the intention of achieving more equitable outcomes for Black and racially minoritised communities.

Agbero 2100 is jointly funded by Propel London and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

The Ubele Initiative and our work in Community Wealth Building receives core funding from The Oak Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Agbero 2100 Launch Event and Nationwide Roadshows

Visit the YouTube Agbero 2100 playlist of videos from the 2024 events.

The January Agbero 2100 national launch event highlights are here

The February Agbero 2100  Regional Events, supported by The Phoenix Way partners have now ended.

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