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Booska Paper

Booska Paper exposes structural racism in the the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and explored the impact of the pandemic on funding attitudes in the UK. It highlights the issues that need to be addressed to help us create more just and racially equitable society where all communities can flourish. 

Booska Paper amplifies the voice of Black and Minoritised community leaders in the sector echoing what is being said in other quarters and has been said over many years. 

The Ubele Initiative took a convening role, leading on this research on behalf of local, regional and national Black and Minoritised infrastructure organisations. Together, we are concerned about the fact that many Black and minoritised community organisations haven't secured emergency funding and face imminent cuts to vital services in the near future. 

The process included small and large group conversations with Black and minoritised infrastructure and grassroot frontline organisations, as well as national funders. 

We are using the Booska Paper as our title, as it reflects the Somali word for ‘position’.

Read Booska Paper 

Article: A year from George Floyd, are you listening to Black and minority communities?

Booska Paper: Calls to Action

Based on the findings, we compiled the Booska Paper: Calls to Action that are concrete and tangible steps that funders can work towards to address structural racism in the sector, the funding landscape and to benefit society as a whole. 

Organisations who have contributed to the Booska Paper and signed its Calls to Action include our allies #CharitySoWhite, Runnymede Trust, Race on the Agenda, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium, Imkaan and more. Together, we are declaring a shared stance, standing in solidarity with each other. 

We urge funders and policy makers to transition to anti-racism by confronting entrenched inequalities and systemic racism in their practice and long-term strategies, by implementing the calls to action.

Booska Paper – Calls To Action Signatories:

Yvonne Field, The Ubele Initiative

Kadra Abdinasir, #CharitySoWhite

Halima Begum, Runnymede Trust

Maurice McLeod, Race On The Agenda

Patrick Vernon OBE, Windrush Campaigner

Susan Cueva and Edwin Briones, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium

Baljit Banga, Imkaan

Sado Jirde, Black South West Network

Naz Zaman, Lancashire BME Network

Charles Kwaku-Odoi, Caribbean African Health Network

Kahiye Alim, The Council of Somali Organisations

David Weaver, CORE

Annette Morris, Voluntary Action Leeds 

Barbara Gray, KINARAA: Lewisham Black Infrastructure 

Kirit Mistry, South Asian Health Action 

Sarah Mann, Friends, Families and Travellers

Tansy Hutchinson, Equally Ours

Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé, NHS BME Network

Yvonne Blake, Migrant Organising for Rights and Empowerment (MORE)

Reach Out 2 Kids (ROK)

Milli Singh, Community Impact UK

Judy Wasige, Information and Learning for All Project

Julie Agbowu, All Inclusive Training

Greater Manchester BAME Network

Manchester BME Network CIC

Andrew Brown, Croydon BME Forum

Guppi Bola and Noni Makuyana, Decolonising Economics

Humma Nizami, Race Equality Network 

Bishara Mohamud, Anti-Tribalism Movement 

Bethel Cynthia Alloyda, Your HR Service 

Adil Mohammed Javed, Alchemy Arts

Dr Addy Adelaine, Ladders4Action

Joy Warmington, brap

Gregory Ashby, Money A+E

Derek Bardowell, Ten Years’ Time

Shruti Jain, Saheliya 

Dominique Walker, The Anthony Walker Foundation

Jacqueline Graham, The Point Trust CIO

Shirin Housee, Women Together

Shanelle Webb, The Soul Shack LDN CIC

Ayisatu Emore, Idaraya Life C.I.C 

Sam Vacciana, Bermondsey Employment Skills & Training CIC

Zlakha Ahmed, Apna Haq

Adil Mohammed Javed, Alchemy Arts

Dorian Leatham, Migrants' Rights Network

Doreen Joseph, Wecoproduce COC

Michael Thakoordin, Working Well Matters Ltd

Ali Ahmed, Race on the Agenda 

Lara Oyedele, Black on Board Ltd 

Gyan Tamang, Greenwich Nepalese Gurkha Community 

Mya-Rose Craig, Black2Nature 

Anita Shervington, BLAST Fest Ltd 

Hillna Fontaine, Mabadiliko CIC 

Zoe Portlock and Safia Jama, Women's Inclusive Team 

Ishah Jawaid, WOC Azadi Collective 

Elsie Gayle, Midwifery Conversations 

Evie Muir, SAYiT Sheffield 

Ebi Sosseh, Umoja Arts Network 

Bryn Price, Safer Kent 

Khaleda Noon, Intercultural Youth Scotland 

Uma Mishra, The Racial Equity Index 

Karin Woodley, Cambridge House 

Franc Kunda, BAMER Hub (Sheffield) 

Nasreen Aziz, You Asked We Responded 

Irshad Akbar, Asian Business Development Network 

Raggi Kotak, JEDI Consultancy 

Vanessa Thomas, Diasporic Development 

Khaldha Manzoor, Rochdale women's welfare Association 

Cherifa Atoussi, Account3 

Ishita Ranjan, Spark and Co. 

Nuala Riddell-Morales, Carnaval del Pueblo Asociación 

Tanagra Jabu Nala-Hartley, Mothers 4 Justice Ubuntu 

Naomi Donald, Protect Our Daughters & Sons (PODS) CIC 

Rob Berkeley, BLKOUT_UK 

Caroline Ada, Swallow's Wings Puppetry

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