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Ubuntu Social Leaders Academy

Ubele’s main aim is to help create sustainable Black and Minoritised communities and assets (older and emerging leaders and community spaces) by creating a nationally connected intergenerational group of skilled and effective social leaders.  
Ubuntu Social Leaders Academy (USLA) is based on an African leadership philosophy which emphasises the importance of community, collectivism and relationships over material things. It will be a container for all our learning and development programmes and will allow us to extend our reach to organisations in Bradford, Bristol, Birmingham. Leeds, Huddersfield and Liverpool. USLA will contain of immersive learning opportunities within this learning initiative, thereby supporting Ubele’s vision of creating a dynamic and expanded cohort of Black and Minoritised social leaders, who will be able to put their new knowledge to practical use. 

This project is co-funded by European Commission within Erasmus+ Programme. 

Please see below for a summary overview of our recent trip to Lisbon.

Lisbon overview

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Course Outlines

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