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Working on our Power

Working On Our Power recognises the unique gift that trans, non-binary and cis women of colour bring to transformative social change work. This programme is designed to strengthen them in progressive social movements across Europe.  

We use asterisk () after trans and non-binary in order to include everyone who identifies along the trans spectrum (broadly undefined). 

Translating lived experience into visionary work that supports movement building

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The WOOP programme is designed to cultivate inner knowing, empowerment and personal transformation. It puts aside the need to justify our lived experience in the face of whiteness, and will give us the space to enter the deep work of personal, collective and cultural liberation. WOOP will reinforce the existing movement infrastructure for WOC in Europe by creating a space to organise and learn together. We want to support those committed to racial and gender justice to develop movement leaders 

In 2018-2019, we run the first WOOP programme that was very successful. In 2020, WOOP came back to offer training to empower trans*, non-binary* and cis women of Colour and strengthen their personal transformation as well as to provide concrete tools for organisational development and leadership. 


WOOP is funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Mama Cash grant. 


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