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Agbero 2100 Update

January 26th, 2024

On a bright chilly day in Manchester on the 18th of January at the GMCVO we launched our new strategic intervention called Agbero 2100.  

 We call Agbero a ‘strategic intervention’ because it is designed to empower leaders to challenge systemic racial inequality by envisioning a future built on sustainable infrastructure, thriving community assets, robust intergenerational leadership, and flourishing local enterprises.  

At the heart of this intervention are a series of masterclasses, a tool to assess the readiness of organisations to take on funding and manage their buildings sustainably and tailored 1-2-1 support for community leaders in line with your needs. 

Agbero is based on our own experiences of setting up and running cultural and community centres, as well as being underpinned by our latest research project titled  A Place to Call Home 2.0. 2023. Research author Karl Murray said,  

“For long we have been engaged in capacity support development without realistically understanding the readiness of organisations to access investment opportunities, whether grant aid or corporate donations, for example. We are in a position where we now know what else organisations can do, and specifically, the type of organisation development support opportunities that will get them there. We hope funders (and other investors) see the opportunities the framework provides in supporting their funding processes, especially with respect to organisational development capacity support. Though the framework emerged from the work we are doing with Black and racially minoritised led organisations it has applicability across the swathe of voluntary and community sector organisations.” 

The framework Karl Murray refers to focuses on producing an action plan based on 6 key areas of organisational assessment which are: 

  1. Governance and leadership 

  1. Operations and infrastructure 

  1. Financial resources 

  1. Physical asset ownership 

  1. Impact and effectiveness 

  1. Connectedness and engagement. 

To find out more about these areas, the research it is based on and how to join Agbero, please head over to one of the events in your region supported by our partners, The Phoenix Way. The workshops start on 13 February 2024:  

 North East and Cumbria - Tues 13 Feb 

  1. North West - Weds 14 Feb 

  1. Yorkshire and Humber - Thurs 15 Feb 

  1. Midlands - Tues 20th Feb 

  1. London and South East - Weds 28th Feb 

  1. South West (To be confirmed) 

    Please register on Eventbrite, using the links above. For more information about the Agbero 2100 programme, please visit:

    Contact for any specific inquiries

These workshops are also opportunities for interested participants to engage with Ubele and our strategic partners to determine what kind of support your organisation may benefit from and access through Agbero.  

If you are interested in Agbero please see further information via this form and submit by 12:00pm on 15 March 2024 to be considered for the Programme and Development Support. 

For more information about Agbero, please contact us on 

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