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Black Rootz

Black Rootz is the first multigenerational Black-led growing project in the UK, where the older generation share their expertise on growing whilst also supporting youth engagement in their surrounding natural environment.

Black Rootz was established in Spring 2019. It’s our incubation project with its home at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre. We recognise the need to ensure that Black and Minoritised growers reflect and represent the cultural diversity of the Borough of Haringey and the wider UK.

Fruit and vegetables fairly new to British shores such as sweet potatoes, exotic squashes and tomatillos can all be found at Wolves Lane, and passing down knowledge is vital to ensuring growing techniques survive.

Quotes from project contributors

The need to develop a Black-led growers’ collective stems from a combination of individual, community and wider systemic needs, surrounding food security, sustaining livelihoods and the importance of Black and marginalised communities having control of critical community spaces and issues surrounding who owns the land and who’s excluded or exploited by it.

— William Washington Welch
Read Black Rootz and the journey to become the first Black-led growers' enterprise

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