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Strengthening infrastructure and voice of our communities

Decades of under-investment in infrastructure organisations serving Black and Minoritised communities have created gaps in regional and national leadership, limiting the ability of the sector to act collectively.

Some regions of the country have well-established infrastructure organisations or forums operating and speaking on behalf of the sector at a regional level; others have local anchor organisations with reach across a city or local authority, while in many communities the picture is fragmented with multiple groups and limited coordinated representative capacity.

Our Projects


The Young Emerging Leaders Collective is a community for young Black people, people of colour and racialised people, committed to racial and social justice. The collective is a space to exchange ideas, support and care; learn and build capacity and resilience; and work together in anti-racist and anti-oppressive action.

Our Projects

The Phoenix Way

The Phoenix Way, led by The Ubele Initiative and supported by Global Fund for Children, is a grant-making initiative aimed at transforming Black and racially minoritised communities.

Our Projects


This project explores opportunities to strengthen and expand the infrastructure that supports anti-racism movements in the UK. The name “Harakati” for this project is derived from the word “movement” in Swahili and Arabic.

Our Projects

Youth Presence in the UK Manual Trades Industry

The research aimed to analyse the needs, future training and employment opportunities within the manual trades sector with a focus on young people aged 16- to 24-year-olds.

Our Projects

Working with GLA

In February 2020, The Ubele Initiative was appointed as the GLA’s Black Asian Minority Ethnic infrastructure partner, giving us the opportunity to strengthen the collective capacity of the sector.

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