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Enterprise and asset development

Enterprise and asset development are the foundations of self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability within our communities. By assets, we mean community buildings and spaces, as well as other physical assets, such as community-led housing.

A Place to Call Home highlighted the threat to community asset ownership among Black and Minoritised communities. We have developed an extraordinarily successful practice of mentoring leaders of existing community assets in enterprise-based asset management, alongside incubating and nurturing the development of new community businesses.

Working intensively with leaders of community spaces, such as the Lloyd Leon Community Centre in Brixton, we support and facilitate greater collaboration with local stakeholders, leverage community talent and resources to sustain vibrant and creative community assets for the future.

More recently, we collaborated with colleagues in Leeds and Nottingham to understand the potential for community-led intergenerational housing among Black and Minoritised communities. Our ambition is to secure land and sites to test and develop lifetime housing which serves people at every stage of their lives.

Our Projects

Wolves Lane Centre

Wolves Lane Centre is a thriving space in North London for sustainable growing, education, social enterprise and community engagement. Ubele, along with Organiclea, are legal partners and ‘stewards’ of the 3-acre site contributing to development of the site.

Our Projects

Lloyd Leon Community Centre

Lloyd Leon Community Centre (LLCC), formerly the Brixton Dominoes Club, is a home for The Brixton Domino Club and Brixton Soup Kitchen. We have been supporting LLCC to help it become an exciting, vibrant and creative community-based facility serving the local community.

Our Projects

The Black and Minoritised Communities Enterprise Development Programme

Support from the programme enables organisations to grow financial resilience and impact by providing a mixture of grant and learning support to help get enterprise ideas off the ground.

Our Projects

Gida Housing Co-operative

We envision becoming an affordable housing provider which empowers under-represented communities, by giving them influence and collective control over the management and maintenance of their own homes, as a response to the poor quality and insecure private rented housing many have had to endure.

Our Projects

Black Rootz

Black Rootz is the first multigenerational black-led growing project in the UK, where the older generation share their expertise on growing whilst also supporting youth engagement in their surrounding natural environment.

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