Our mission and values

Ubele in Swahili means ‘The Future’. We founded The Ubele Initiative in 2014 with a mission to contribute to the sustainability of the African Diaspora community in the UK and build a better future. We are a new inter-generational community building initiative which aims to increase our community’s capacity to lead, and create innovative and entrepreneurial social responses to some of our most stuck social issues.  

Our core values are collaboration, co-operation, community building, creativity and valuing all voices.

We support and partnership with organisations across the UK and internationally to create innovative solutions for some of the most pressing social, economic and political concerns.

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. Building community resilience and sustainability

  2. Knowledge Generation and Learning

  3. Strategic Partnerships which influence policy and practice

  4. Global Diaspora Connections



After more than 60 years of significant presence here in the UK, deep social issues continue to affect our community. These range from the needs of our children, young people and families through to the emerging needs of a growing elderly population.

However, as a community we do not appear to have created a coherent strategy for tackling these or other systemic social issues. The Ubele Initiative believes that there is the need to be more conscious and proactive in designing, creating and putting in place essential building blocks to secure future generations here in the UK.

Given the Government’s seemingly lack of focus on our current and specific needs, coupled with a policy shift towards individual and local community reliance, there appears to be an increasing urgency for the African Diaspora community to collectively engage in dialogue and to design and implement their own innovative responses.






Yvonne Field – Founder and Managing Director of The Ubele Initiative

Yvonne has more than 35 years of professional experience working with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders ranging from professional front line staff through to senior management, policy makers and planners in local, national and international government, civil society organisations and the corporate sector.

She has spent substantial periods working in organisational learning and development, change management, informal education with youth, social care, health systems.

Yvonne has an MA in Community and Social Work, a MSc in Change Agents Skills and Strategies, and professional qualifications in community and youth work, teaching and social work. She has also been on the board of a number of charitable trusts and is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning (FIfL) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

In 2012 Yvonne was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship and travelled to Atlanta, Georgia and New Zealand to explore social leadership development in African-American communities, plus community enterprise and the transfer of indigenous knowledge inter-generationally within the Maori community.


Yvonne Field, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, talks about her Fellowship

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Michael Hamilton - Director

Michael has more than 20 years of experience working with young people and their communities in the London Borough of Lewisham. He developed and ran the Young People’s Health Project and has spent his working life in community development of one sort or another.

Michael has been a community worker, a youth worker, a community arts worker, radio presenter and a project manager, creating interventions in young peoples health. More recently he founded Share, Act, Think a community interest company with a remit to make individual and community interventions both impactful and sustainable, offering counseling and designing and delivering multi-layered programmes to affect issues like teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to supporting the integration of immigrant young people into the mainstream society.


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Philip Udeh - Director

Philip is an alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and has worked as a community activist for over a decade. Philip founded Community Builders to create opportunities for young people to take positive social action and to improve their lives. He has also been trustee for a number of voluntary sector organisations including The Sickle Cell Society, The Challenge, and vInspired.

In 2015 Philip founded Brain Füd, a healthy energy drink with functional benefits for the mind.