Black Led Systems Change to Accelerate Equitable Outcomes Webinar

June 27th, 2024 4.30pm session 1

4.30pm BST

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⚖️ Black Led Systems Change to Accelerate Equitable Outcomes | 27th June 2024, 4:30pm (BST), 5:30pm (CEST) | Register here:

The Black Systemic Safety Fund.

How can centering lived-experience leadership promote equitable systems change? The Black Systemic Safety Fund was a social lab that explored exactly that, through a social lab and participatory grantmaking process. 

Join us for our two upcoming webinars as we share key learnings, outcomes and insights from this unique process. The webinars follow a social lab process that took place between 2022-2023, called The Black Systemic Safety Fund. 

Jointly organised by Reos Partners, The Ubele Initiative and Impact on Urban Health, it’ll be truly insightful, particularly around the topics of Black-led systems change, and participatory grantmaking.

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