Finding Your Joy Workshop

February 17th, 2023 6.00PM-9.00PM

Windrush Millennium Centre

Alexandra Road


M16 7WD

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BAYO Presents: Finding Your Joy

This fun, creative and highly interactive workshop is for Black LGBTQIA+ young people (18 to 30) as part of LGBT History Month events around the UK.

Come along and take part in a creative, engaging journey that utilises a range of different group games and activities that help participants achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, increased self esteem and provides lots of opportunities to meet, network and experience joy with other young Black LGBTQIA+ people.

The workshop will be led by Dennis L Carney who has many years’ experience of Black Queer community development work and experiential group facilitation.

BAYO (Bai-ōh) of Yoruba Origin, meaning “Joy has found us”.

This event is supported by partners: The Ubele Initiative, Mind & Black Thrive Global

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