Reclaim Black Heritage Fund Launch

January 16th, 2023

Applications open from 13th January to 2nd March 2023

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The Reclaim Black Heritage Fund has now launched - via the Black Community Led Forum - see more details here. The deadline for submitting full applications is on Thursday 2nd March 2023 (Black People’s Day of Action) at 5pm.

What is our criteria?

To be considered for support, Groups and Projects eligible are as follows:

● The Act-Maker is a Black-led group or individual

● The project upholds the principles and values of the 81 Acts Humanifesto

● The Act-Maker must be in the stated locations

● The Act-Maker has a primary objective of creating long-term change in society by addressing the causes of injustice and inequality related to the ’81 Uprising

● The Act-Maker focuses on addressing issues that face the stated communities and are led by that community

● The Act-Maker struggles to get funding elsewhere, particularly if other funders might consider them to be ‘too radical’

● If the Act-Maker is a group: Groups that have been formed for 6 months or more and can demonstrate 6 months of regular activity

● The group/individual ethos aligns with NHLF guidance, here 

The priorities are:

  1. To commemorate the 81 uprisings.

  2. To benefit and support the Black community in the stated location. 

APPLY HERE: click this link


 Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Sunday 12th April 2023.

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