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12 Black middle age Lambeth residents to be trained in community entrepreneurship

February 1st, 2021

As part of our new project, Black on Track, we have now recruited 12 vibrant Black middle age residents of Lambeth. They have started 2021 with a commitment to improving employability and entrepreneurial skills using community action as the tool to sharpen their skills as a first step to becoming active citizens in order to re-engage with the economy.

In Lambeth, the proportion of 25-49-year-olds not engaged with work is 8.1%compared to a national percentage of 7.1% for the same age group. Even more stark is the number of 50+ people who are unemployed in the borough running at 10.3% as opposed to a national figure of 4.9% for the same age group. 


The Back on Track Project Manager, Tishauna Mullings articulates that the project will develop a systems map of the relationship between the pilot group, the members of the Dominoes Clubs, community organisations in Lambeth and surrounding communities to identify the barriers and leverage points to their economic engagement

The project will be delivered in a three-pronged approach:

First, One to One where participants will get expert support to review and document their knowledge, skills and experiences to create resumes, profiles, business model canvases are whatever documents are needed as tools to drive next-level development.

Second, Group Coaching that will include 10 group sessions to learn a range of new skills including Identifying opportunities, bringing ideas to reality and making your ideas work.

Finally, Community Action Projects ehere participants from each club will come together and get a budget of between £500and £750 to carry out a small project.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sessions will be held online, therefore creating an opportunity for participants to advance their digital skills. 

In the welcome session last week, the highly engaged participants expressed interest in executing small business, using skills such as boxing, playing dominoes and drama to support social-emotional and educational skills development for young people. 

If you have any questions, contact Tishauna Mullings at or 07827531035

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