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A Warm Welcome to Joe Montgomery

May 5th, 2023

Ubele expanded its services during the pandemic and our Directors want to strengthen the organisation as it grows. In that context we are happy to welcome Joe Montgomery, who joined Ubele this month as our new Executive Chair. He brings knowledge and networks that will help Ubele to develop new governance arrangements; help our operational systems keep pace with our continuing growth; and help us refresh our strategy in a way that allows us to make the most of our strengths.

Joe is an experienced Non-Executive Director and his recent roles include Founding Chair of the £110m Youth Futures Foundation and a 5-year stint as a Civil Service Commissioner. This experience, as well as his 20+ years of senior management in Whitehall and in local government, will help build Ubele's ability to deliver in a bolder and more sustainable way in the years ahead. He will be with us for 3 days per week.

We are delighted to be working with Joe!

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