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National Launch : Agbero 2100

November 27th, 2023

The National Launch : Agbero 2100

Towards Sustainable Black and Racially Minoritised Communities 

The Ubele Initiative invites you to the national launch of Agbero 2100 – a programme to support community wealth building within Black and racially minoritised communities. This is your opportunity to find out how you might become involved and benefit from Agbero 2100. 

What is Agbero 2100? 

Agbero 2100 is an exciting programme that will offer opportunities for Black and racially minoritised leaders to:  

  • Build sustainable infrastructure 
  • Redevelop community assets 
  • Grow intergenerational leadership 
  • Promote local enterprise 

What will happen at the Agbero 2100 Launch? 

The Agbero 2100 national launch will feature presentations by:  

  • Yvonne Field OBE – Founder and CEO 
  • Michael Hamilton – Director 
  • Phil Tulba – Associate Director for Community Wealth Building Hub 
  • Karl Murray – Associate Director for Research and Evaluation  

They will present The Ubele Initiative’s work within Community Wealth Building, the publication of our forthcoming research titled A Place to Call Home 2.0. (2023), and how this informs a long-term programme of support starting in April 2024. The presentations and breakout sessions will focus on six topics which include: Governance and Leadership; Operations and Infrastructure; Financial Resources; Physical Asset Ownership; Impact and Effectiveness; and Connectedness and Engagement.  

There will also be opportunities through breakout sessions to explore and understand the possibilities of the Agbero 2100 programme.  

At this national launch, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet the Ubele team, network with likeminded leaders, hear about the Agbero 2100 Roadshow and learn how to formally apply for long term support via the Agbero 2100 programme starting in April 2024

What are the eligibility criteria for Agbero 2100?  

The eligibility criteria to apply for long term support through the Agbero 2100 Programme starting in April 2024 are as follows:   

  • Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector organisation 
  • More than 75% of Trustees and 50% of staff members (including senior) from Black and racially minoritised communities  
  • Rent, lease or own a community space  
  • Minimum turnover of £100K  
  • Able to allocate team members to engage with the Agbero 2100 Programme.

What is the Agbero 2100 Roadshow? 

The Agbero 2100 national launch event will be followed by 6 regional roadshows, supported by The Phoenix Way partners, taking place between January and March. Each roadshow will focus on one of the six key topics identified in ‘A Place to Call Home 2.0’ and provide application guidance for the Agbero 2100 programme.  

Join us at the Agbero 2100 national launch to learn more and find out how to apply to the programme starting in April 2024!  

Agbero 2100 Context: 

Agbero 2100 is a response to the persistent challenges faced by Black and racially minoritised communities in the UK. The Ubele Initiative's previous research, 'A Place to Call Home' (2015), revealed 54% of survey respondents from 150 African diasporic community assets across the UK indicated their buildings had insecure futures. From this work, Ubele have been able to map the inequitable relationship between enterprise, community assets and access to social investment - variables that structure the racialised process of urban development within metropolitan centres where our communities reside.  

Therefore, based on a updated version of this report titled, A Place to Call Home 2.0 (2023), Agbero 2100 builds on this work, but also responds to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the wider systemic analysis since the murder of George Floyd in 2020, and the growing awareness of how racial inequalities restrict Community Wealth Building within Black and racially minoritised communities.  

Agbero 2100 is jointly funded by Propel London and Joseph Rountree Charitable Trust. 

The Ubele Initiative and our work in Community Wealth Building receives core funding from The Oak Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund. 

Further information to follow 

Please contact for any specific inquiries about Agbero 2100  


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