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Attending the first day of the public examination of Sadiq Khan’s draft New London Plan 2019- 2040 by Yvonne Field

January 28th, 2019

Yvonne Field and Aisha Khan attended City Hall for the first day of the public examination of Sadiq Khan’s  draft New London Plan 2019- 2040.

This new plan will drive development across London’s for the next 20 years, extending the number of ‘Opportunity Areas’ which are targeted for gentrification.

Yvonne was asked to give evidence on the equality implications of the plan as part of the Just Space submission.

Under the Equalities Act 2010 there is a public sector duty to pay due regard to the impact of their policies and to ensure they do not  adversely impact on those who are within the Act’s 9 protected characteristics.

Community groups who were present put forward compelling arguments. As a result they will be able examine the evidence behind a series of ‘Integrated Impact Assessments’ contained in the report which offered an oblique and overly positive analysis of the potential impact on some of London’s most disadvantaged communities.

These Equality Impact Assessments have now been supplied and we have until mid-February to respond to the Examination Panel in writing. This 5 month enquiry at City Hall is open to the general public. Groups and individuals should attend to give support to Just Space and other community based organisations who will be giving evidence. Go along to hear some of the ways in which London will be developed over the next 20 years which offers a very daunting prospect.

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