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A.U.R hosts IRETI Transnational Meeting in Bucharest, Romania

May 14th, 2019

IRETI Planning meeting got off to a good start on the evening of our first day in Bucharest. The hotel was located across the road from the office of AUR and of course our host Raluka had the meeting room well prepared with pens, paper, welcome gifts and light refreshments which was so very nice and welcoming. We had a taste of Romanian hospitality prior to that when they came to London last January and prepared a very grand dinner presentation as part of our cultural exchange.

As focussed team leaders and organisation leads, we defined our goals for the coming days to ensure that we used the limited time wisely. Our Italian lead partner HRYO had arrived a day earlier and were a bit more refreshed than we were. We all got down to work and by the end of the 3 days we had accomplished a lot.

We agreed the content of the IRETI website which is to be a feature tool for this Project. A website which would provide useful and practical information for women who have experienced human trafficking,and those who work on their behalf, and are seeking support to get their life back on an even keel.  Users will be able to access information in four languages and be directed to an online forum to build connections with each other. Categories will be organised under Employment, Education and Training, Health, Legal and Childrenand will be relevant and specific, targeted to either Romanian, Italian, Spanish or English. There will be audio too, for those challenged with reading.                                                                                   

The women who are the targeted beneficiaries of this project will also join team leaders in Salamanca in September 2019 to participate in shared learning of experiences and build entrepreneurial skills. We managed to steal some time to walk around this fascinating city and share in the eclectic culture which was thoroughly enjoyable.


Yvonne Witter

IRETI Progamme Manager

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