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Black to the Future: London visit, October 2017

October 20th, 2017

After being in Cologne/Bonn between 24th and 29th May the group of the project’s participants came together again in London between 11th  and 16th October.

Together with our partners Migrafica from Cologne/Bonn and Stichting Interlock from Amsterdam we planned a week filled with activities – starting with an interesting learning introduction by Cecile Gutzmore (“to us Africa is home”) and a workshop on the toolkit led by our German partners. The participants had also an opportunity to attend Karl Murray’s workshop on evaluation and ended their second day at the Tate Museum.

In the meantime, everyone had some time to explore the city of London and meet at the Tottenham Hotspurs to talk about the community work of the Spurs. They visited also the African Heritage at the Victoria & Albert museum, Brixton and the Black Cultural Archives. After a workshop on mapping they visited Trafalgar square, Africa on the Square, festivities for the Black History Month.

On one of the evenings, all participants went to see a play called “The Adoptables”.  The play was put together on the experiences of the adoptees. Everyone from the group was impressed by the paly, especially because it was rehearsed only for 5 days.

On the final day, the Dutch team run a workshop on Intergenerational learning and Michael Hamilton led a workshop on appreciative enquiry. The visit ended with a closing round and a farewell dinner at ‘Uptown Cuisine”.

All participants were excited about the past week and are looking forward to meeting each other again in Amsterdam in February 2018.

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