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Brother George Floyd by Michael Hamilton

June 2nd, 2020

I can hear me brother crying 

I can’t breath


Now I’m in the struggle

Saying can’t leave


Brother George Floyd


I was drawn to today by a 

lurching in my belly


I was called to today by

A madness in my head


I am






By the news of yesterday


The lurching of my belly this morning 

Was begging me for answers as to 

What I am gonna do


The lurching in my belly this morning

Was demanding answers as to what

We were gonna do


The lurching in my belly 

Called disturbance 

to my soul


The madness in my head


And twirled 

As it searched for the answers 

To the questions 

To calm

my belly and my soul


And then thud thud thud

Or ba boom ba boom ba boom

Because my heart too 

Was asking questions of what 

I am gonna do?


what we gonna do?


And then out of the control of 


They came together 

They poured a scream

They forced from my body 

A sound that 

On their own none could 



And as the question broke my skin

As it entered the world

As it was born

It found so many

Hearts and souls and heads 

With whom to act

So many Hearts and Souls and heads 

Holding shavings of answers.


by Michael Hamilton


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