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CommUnity through Yoga by Amenda Davis

July 27th, 2020

A big thank you to Amenda, Yogamenda's online commUnity yoga Classes organiser, and to everyone who made donations via her classes to the Majonzi Fund! 


Yogamenda’s yoga classes had been running in Millfield House in Edmonton for just under a year before lockdown in March. Classes were held twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings and were getting quite popular.

“I wanted to find somewhere not far from where I lived so that I could offer something to my local community, and at the same time, get to know my neighbours”, said Amenda Davis, who lives in upper Edmonton, just a five-minute walk from Millfield House on Silver Street.

“Yoga has so many benefits, and people turn to yoga for many different reasons – it could be physical or mental,  and the beauty is that yoga is for everyone and for every type of body, the only requirement for yoga is the ability to breathe”, she added. 


“One of the main benefits of yoga alongside improving strength and flexibility is that it can help to take your mind off things. And by focusing on your breath it helps you to be in the present moment, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety because you feel calm and more relaxed. When lockdown started there was so much uncertainty, it was unprecedented circumstances and everyone was affected – it was clear that classes had to continue, somehow”.


Amenda decided to take the classes online, and has been hosting them on Zoom since the beginning of April.


“The classes had to be accessible to anyone who needed them, so I started CommUnity Yoga. Classes are free but donations are invited with the aim of offering what we collect to those in the community adversely affected by Covid-19. Losing a loved during this time is heart-wrenching,  and since black people have been so disproportionately affected, we have donated all the monies raised by the classes so far to the Majonzi Bereavement Fund. 

Personally, doing yoga during this time has really helped me, and many beginners still sign into classes even though lockdown has eased”.


If you are interested in yoga and would like to find out more about Yogamenda classes, please contact Amenda Davis at

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