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Connect and learn about the voyage and experiences of the Windrush Generation

June 22nd, 2021
“The Ubele Initiative is excited to be part of the 2021 Windrush Caribbean Film Festival, as it brings audiences from across the world to celebrate contributions of the Windrush Generation and its legacy.

Windrush Caribbean Film Festival is a unique space for everyone to connect and learn about the voyage and experiences of the Windrush Generation. It’s an invaluable lesson on the lasting contribution made by this Generation.

We appreciate your support of this important festival. Enjoy the screenings and conversations! ”

About The Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF)

The Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) aims to engage and educate audiences in cinemas and art venues across the UK about the contributions of the Windrush generation and its impact on the country through screenings, talkbacks and micro-cinema challenge that will take place in cinemas, schools and community centres across the country.

WCFF will include films whose themes are centred around racism, colonialism, immigration, and cultural contributions, with the goal of airing, discussing and celebrating this iconic generation.

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