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ESS: Reflecting on our learning journeys in Amsterdam and Berlin

December 13th, 2018



On Tuesday evening, 11th December we hosted ESS Reflect and Reconnect event.

European Summer School: Towards Resilient Communities is a social leadership training programme that aims to create and develop an intergenerational group of skilled community leaders/social activists and change agents from diverse communities and particularly from BAME communities.
The learning activities we provided in Amsterdam (July 2018) and Berlin (September 2018) gave participants new framework for enabling positive change in their communities.

ESS Reflect and Reconnect event was an opportunity to share reflections on key learning and the experience in general, as well as plans for the future. Yvonne Field said: “This is what I wanted. This is why I wanted to share my learning and my vision. The power within the group was incredible. It was a rich evening.


Here are some comments from the participants:

“I’m incredibly cynical, and I had really great time. That experience was a catalyst for changing me in some way.”

“It was epic! The whole experience completely shifted my perspective. With the information, knowledge the it was just powerful to hear the stories and  to be in that group, to see reactions. It all hit me differently, deeper. It was unexpected and profound. Recommend it.”

“ I just learnt how to listen to others, to actually see what others are saying. The course helped me to learn how to put myself in someone else’s shoes and to understand the others better.”

“It’s a privilege to take things back. It’s so powerful to be around young people, to see the potential and hear the ideas.”

“I find the course so helpful in working with young people.”

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