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Exploring the power of Systemic Constellations

September 13th, 2019

We’re back from Athens! Sankofa’s Systemic Constellations course was a very special moment in the life of Ubele's evolution. We had 19 hearts and minds contributing to our future. It was a truly unforgettable time and space of learning, insights, movement and deepening connections. Thank you all for your committed engagement.

A huge thank you to Markos and Chrisula from Fractality for introducing the power of Systemic Constellations and their skilled facilitation.

I feel hugely privileged to have sat with you all, talked with you all (even if only fleetingly with some of you) and to have done this beautiful work with you all.

You are an amazing group of people working passionately in support of our community on all the various layers.


C'est la vie - great week with my head getting to grips with the enormity of our progress to this stage so far and excitement and optimism of what lay ahead.

Thanks all for making it an enjoyable and fun event - we needed both!


I felt truly honoured to engage in the process with you all as well as getting to know some of you more as well as meeting new fellow travellers.

Big up Marcos for your skilled leadership of the work and Chrisula for your sensitive facilitation.


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