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SBQ Feature - Rameri

March 15th, 2024

Introducing Ms Rameri Moukam 

Rameri aged (Six decades and brawta)  

Reclaimed her ancestral roots name,  giving up Sonia Francis, and the links to the colonisers in the late 1990's. Rumour has it, that a significant number of females born between the 1950's to 1970's were called Sonia. 

Birmingham born and raised, of St Kitts heritage, this incredible visionary, was engaged in community activism in London since the 1980s. Professionally, she qualified as a nurse specialising in the field of Psychiatry. 

Quotes from project contributors

When you meet Ms Rameri, you undoubtedly meet an authentic, forthright, committed individual, and an all round no-nonsense, good person, and that’s just how she would like to be remembered.    

— Ms Rameri Moukam 

How Rameri has and is Influencing African Mental Healthcare Provision in the UK and Beyond: 

Have you heard of the African Caribbean Mental Health Association (ACMHA)? 

If you have heard of ACMHA, did you know that Rameri, now a Practising Psychotherapist was a Founder Member and Chairperson of the original ACMHA based in Electric Avenue in Brixton, Lambeth?  

Rameri, the activist, is totally committed to taking on key issues of the Black community in the UK’s cities. After Brixton, she moved back to Birmingham where she developed an African Centred Psychiatric Hospital on one of her parent’s empty nursing home sites. This Mental Health framework turned out to be way ahead of its time and became a victim of the financial crash of 2007. The bank sold the building from under its feet rather than waiting for the relevant funding commissioners to get their heads around funding an independent Black-focused therapeutic hospital. 

The therapeutic treatment model of the hospital that was developed was salvaged, and informed by it, Pattigift Therapy CIC was established, specialising in African Centred Culturally Congruent Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

At Pattigift CIC, Rameri serves as Clinical Director maintaining the counselling and therapy services, as well as developing accredited courses in African / Black Psychotherapy. She sees her current roles as the consolidation of her life’s work and as our ancestors did, she’s ensuring the equipping of future generations.   

Rameri has an ongoing relationship with the Association of Black Psychology (USA) and was the Presidential Award Winner in 2016. She has also been an international Board representative for four years. Her international connections keep her grounded in the mission and destiny of the organisation, the liberation of the African mind, empowerment of the African character, and enlivenment and illumination of the African spirit.   

A few more facts about Ms Rameri: 

She is the proud mother of two professionally accomplished adult children. Rameri is a natural African style orator, who simply captivates audiences with her storytelling. She speaks with the speed of gun fire, mesmerising with her passion and knowledge. She's a formiddable fighter who has had her fair share of systemic sabotage, but she fails to flinch in the face of adversities, she literally, picks herself up, dusts herself off and carries on regardless. When you meet Ms Rameri, you undoubtedly meet an authentic, forthright, committed individual, and an all round no-nonsene, good person, and that’s just how she would like to be remembered.    

What a Visionary and Pioneer! For her commitment to Black Mental Health and Wellbeing, we bestow this accolade and recognition.

This feature is part of the Seasoned UK Black Queens series celebrating Black women throughout March, a fantastic project led by Yvonne Christie. Read more here

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