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Young People #GetInvolved with Patchwork

June 17th, 2024

Message from Patchwork

With the announcement of the General Election, we have a key opportunity to ensure young people across the country can get involved and have their voices heard. Our mission is to ensure young people are part of the conversation - not the silent majority. The Patchwork Foundation's #GetInvolved programme is delivering canvassing sessions, hustings, training and more to give young people the skills and confidence to find their own voices. 

You can sign up to the programme here

This programme is aimed at young people aged 18 and over, but we also welcome interested individuals wanting to bring a responsible adult along too! No prior experience or knowledge of politics is required.

As a non-partisan charity, we want the next generations to feel empowered with a democracy that is inclusive and accessible so we're running events with mainstream political parties in different locations across the UK. This year alone, we've held events across the country and we'll be holding more sessions in London, the North East and West, the Midlands and across the South. As they say, there's no such thing as a quiet week in politics!

We recognise that canvassing and even the thought of engaging with elections can seem daunting and distant to many. We aim to build confidence whilst addressing misconceptions through Patchwork Alumni-led briefings, as well as providing resources, insights from candidates, and support from experienced volunteers. These steps empower those who join our us, so that they have the confidence to engage themselves. If you'd like to hear more about the impact of one of our #GetInvolved sessions, you can read about Bella's experience at her first canvassing sessions. 

These sessions are open to everyone, regardless of political knowledge or engagement – all we ask is for people come with an open mind and a willingness to #GetInvolved!

Anyone interested in joining any of our sessions can sign up here. We want to make sure as many young people can build the experience, confidence and knowledge to #GetInvolved in our democracy. 

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