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IRETI mobility: London sounds like a story that is still to be told by Luca Delfino

July 30th, 2018



Everytime I talk about my first weeks in London, I just can’t avoid relating to my deepest feelings.

So, as I’m not supposed to go into the emotional side of the life I’m experiencing here, I’m about to start the following few lines by using a very simple, easy – and maybe vaguely rhetorical, but absolutely sincere – phrase, which allows me to be not long-winded: it’s not easy for me to tell about my last few days, as well as it’s not easy to make myself a univocal idea of London, because, as far as I’m concerned, there’s a lot – too much – to say about it; this city has a lot, too much to say!

London is an iridescent city where colors, shapes, shades and the air itself you breathe change at every corner; it’s a place where you can sink deeply into any kind of feelings and incentives; a comfortably, busy, noisy – sometimes messy – place, where all the cultures come together, originating a stunning variety of thoughts and ways of life.

The time I’m spending here is just amazing; my lucky days here are due to several reasons: the architectural charm of the urban spaces surrounding me; the complex cultural atmosphere I enjoy and sink into every day; and volunteering with Ubele gives me multiple options and daily opportunities to test my skills and versatility and get busy on different kinds of tasks, such as gardening (as Ubele’s Office is located at the Wolves Lane Horticulture Center), office work, or painting (as I’m a painter and social worker who loves conducting art workshops);  moreover, here in London I’ve got some friends – some good, true friends – who really care about me and every day try and make sure I’m fine, I’m having a good time – it feels like I’ve found another place to call ‘home’.

I’ve been in London for two weeks now – maybe I should say for two weeks ‘only’ – and yet I just can’t stop wandering around (anytime I’m free), exploring and wondering.

As I’m staying in London for one and a half more months, I really feel to say that this city sounds to me like a story that is still to be told – and it’s such a good feeling!

Luca Delfino

(Human Rights Youth Organization, hosted by The Ubele Initiative as part of IRETI project)

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