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One-week long WELCOMESHIP Training in Solna, Sweden

November 5th, 2018



Wow what an amazing journey! During the Welcomeship six days training in Solna, Sweden, we were taken on a complete journey of identifying personal passions, learning systems and methods to bring those passions into organisations to create real change in our communities and finally to create and manage organisations that will enable us to sustain the change we want to create.

We learnt how to deliver the 5 Modules of the community-based entrepreneurship programme through non-formal learning methods. In the next 10-12 months young migrants and refugees from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and UK will go through a learning program helping them to come up with community-based entrepreneurial ideas and to implement them with partners in their community.


Ubele will begin this process in January with our own Welcomeship program. The program will train fifteen young people from our community, teaching them the skills that they need to develop their own entrepreneur skills. As well as the Welcomeship program in the UK, young people will get together with other program members across Europe in April in Italy. They will also be a part of the final program activity in Berlin in the Autumn 2019.

If you are between 18-25 and feel that you would like to take part get in touch with Ubele.

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