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Organisations that began the Welcomeship project in 2018 came back together in Berlin to... by Odiri Ighamre

December 19th, 2019
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Six of seven groups that began the Welcomeship project in 2018 came back together in Berlin to share the learning and experience of delivering the Welcomeship Project, disseminating the outcomes and thinking about next steps.

The workshops were organised creatively by YEPP, everyone led different parts of the process and feedback flowed easily, sharing the common delivery challenges like youth commitment, low involvement of migrants and refugees due to access, website challenges and participants that were generally more interested in the social aspects of the project than the entrepreneurial.

The networking was wonderful and the project victories were without a doubt the networking within communities; new projects that have sprouted from the Welcomeship process and the new enterprise ideas that were pitched by participants at the Welcomeship nights in the individual countries.

The Ubele crew shared their experience of the project with the two youth workers they brought from their participating organisation ‘Youth Engagement Solutions’; Youth Leader, Alfred Imoh Erereke Ekpenyong and twenty-year-old, Romario Durvan Hines-Mcleod who attended with Odiri Ighamre who led the project. They found the three days really valuable, contributing to all discussions and the creative activities with great enthusiasm.

The Welcomeship pilot was considered a success by all the groups present and the needed improvements will be made to the Welcomeship programme before it is made freely available on-line.

by Odiri Ighamre

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