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Our Strategy 2021-2026: TÓKÀN 10 years

October 21st, 2021

We are delighted to share with you ‘The Ubele Initiative – Our Strategy 2021-2026: TÓKÀN 10 years’. This important roadmap will help us deliver key priorities and plans in the next five years.  

The Ubele Initiative was founded in 2014, following dialogue with African diaspora leaders. Community-rooted and collaborative in character, Ubele focused on effective solutions to persistent social and economic issues. Ubele is taken from Swahili meaning “The Future”. Our ground-breaking work is focused on the critical question of how best to build the sustainability of Black and Minoritised communities in the UK. 

Our response stems from the recommendations in A Place to Call Home (2015) and has seen us focus on intergenerational leadership, spatial asset development and social and community enterprise. This work has expanded rapidly and deepened in its importance over the past 18 months. 

Read our Social Impact Report here 

We need to continue to aim high over the next five years to make a major contribution within the growing eco-system of organisations led by Black and Minoritised communities, which collectively can help reduce a growing social and economic gap. 

Our key strategic aims are ambitious in intent and do justice to the strong foundation that Ubele has already built and our learning from 10 years of community dialogue and practice: 

  • Strengthen our communities through enterprise and asset development 

  • Advocate for equity and justice in our communities 

  • Strengthen our infrastructure and voice 

  • Develop our people, groups and organisations 

We are privileged to have supported the development of thousands of community leaders and organisations. We look forward to continuing working with you and building together a powerful future for Black and Minoritised communities. 

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