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PANDORA mobility: My First Week in London by Ceyda Ozkan

March 27th, 2018

I have come to London via Pandora Project from Turkey. I have been working at The Ubele Initiative and I have made good friends (Yvonne, Aisha and Tracey) at my office. Today is my tenth day In London and I have had amazing experiences. I have been working with people who are from all over the world and I have met many great people from different walks of life. Thank you to them and my friends who live in Turkey (Merve and Zeren) for this excellent opportunity.

On my first day in London, I went to a conference on the 'Being Blacker' documentary. It exposed me to what it means to be a black person in the UK. Everything may seem to equal for all but in fact, it is not. On my second day, I went to Grenfell Tower. I heard about this when I was in Turkey and we had talked about both this fire and its relation to immigration policy. This fire was terrible, we were shocked when it happened. I realised that being a migrant comes with its difficulties. I saw that people have not forgotten this tragedy and are still organizing events to remember people who died in Grenfell Tower. In my opinion, this is really important for stronger community life.

London is like a dream. You can see amazing things everywhere you go, especially in museums and galleries. There are a lot of art events that I would like to attend. All the places I have visited so far have been wonderful. I feel lucky being in this city and I have made great friends. I went to the cinema, to a dance show and too many other places; all of them were good experiences.

I am sure that I will have more amazing memories when leaving London.

Thank you...


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