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PANDORA Month 1: My Time With The Autokreacja Foundation, Poland by Saffron Johnson

February 21st, 2018

In the weeks that led up to my 2-month departure to Poland, I was filled with nerves and excitement, but mostly nerves. I was to embark on a new adventure into the unknown, in a country that I was unsure on how they would react to me, to work with an organisation whose agenda I admired; yet as I arrived to Poland to work with the Autokreacja Foundation, all my nerves dissipated and I was instead filled with nikhedonia.

The Autokreacja Foundation is an organisation that has been set up around social enterprise, whose vision is ‘Creating conditions that foster development of creativity through education and culture with the use of new technologies and innovative ideas’.  As someone who believes in the empowerment of all people, the advancement of youth, and intersectionality, I feel honoured and empowered that I get to work with a foundation whose morals align with mine, and that the work I am doing will aid Autokreacja to continue to impact the world positively.

During my time here I will be working closely with Autokreacja’s president, Kasia on building their social media (what millennial doesn’t love social media?) aiding them in their projects, offering insight and executive producing a video book that explores the benefits the EU, and I’m sure there will be more to come..

Not only I am grateful to Ubele that I get to work internationally with Autokreacja and aiding them in their projects, I am also grateful that I get the opportunity to explore a beautiful country and culture, gain amazing experiences, and meet new, like minded people.

Although I am still at the very beginning of this journey, I’d like to thank Kasia for hosting me and making me feel welcomed, Yvonne for putting me forward for this opportunity, and my 2 new wonderful flatmates who are doing their most to help me settle in.

I look forward to the work that we will be accomplishing together in my time here.

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