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PatHERways London: Programme overview by Rajaa Bouchab

February 9th, 2018

The experience as a whole helped me progress as both an individual and an active member in society. PatHERways London allowed me to better myself individually, by progressing towards my social action goal.

By attending the sessions regularly I gained a sense of constant support from the group. This support consisted with motivation, collaborations, and constructive feedback. All of this helped me better my clarity in my project.

The residential at Darsham was a good finish to the programme as we spent days together participating in projects, and cooking with one another, we also shared a campfire memory on the last evening in Darsham. Workshops were held by others in the group, such as Macey. The other workshops was held by Marija and Serita- both were significant to individual and community development.


Another part of the programme was interviewing an elder, this was to contribute to Santa and Marietta’s Mapping workshop. I interviewed Yvonne Field - an inspirational community leader in both her own community and others. I was both honoured and inspired when interviewing her, as I began to hear her history and experiences in her life. That also sparked motivation in me to make a change and difference in which I’ll be remembered.

Overall, this one programme, PatHERways London has helped me progress and develop as well as opening so many doors of opportunities for me, in which I have the programme Leaders and participants to thank, as well as the Ubele Initiative.

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