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Pathways to Land Project

April 7th, 2024

Stir to Action are reaching out to BPOC farmers/community food organisers for their Pathways to Land Project. It explores financial pathways to securing land appropriate to the needs of BPOC producers who often face additional barriers to accessing finance based on their identity.

It also supports a call to redress land inequities through enabling greater access to it, not just in terms of nature connection, but through cultural connection and earning a living from it in ways that responsibly maintains the benefits that land provides us.

To have your say and get involved, complete the relevant survey below by clicking on its weblink, by 2nd May

  • commercial farmers short survey (5mins)

  • experienced organisers of a BPOC community food producing social enterprise/not-for-profit short survey (5mins)

    Reimbursement can be provided for travel to project events in the autumn and your time if you would not otherwise be paid for it through your role in food production/distribution. Completing the survey will help us to map BPOC commercial farmers and BPOC community food producer organisers across England. 

For more information about the project including project partners, click here, or you can contact: 

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