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2024 - State of The Sector Report Launched

February 28th, 2024

The NPC launched the findings of their 2024 State of the Sector report, a robust, sampled survey of charity leaders that they have run every three years since 2017.

This year, for the first time, they have asked a similar set of questions to the public and charity users, and the findings have a number of implications for government policy which you'll find interesting:

Key findings:

·     Essential public services may be at risk due to underfunded contracts held by charities. We estimate charities prop up state services by £2.4bn a year.

·     Only a small minority of the public (15%) think charities are ‘too political’. 56% of the public and 63% of Conservative voters think charities get the balance ‘about right’.

·     A majority of public (59%) want government to work in partnership with charities more.

·     The majority of the public, particularly those from lower income backgrounds, are not sure that charities are working where they’re most needed. Leaders were less aware this was an issue.

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