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Support Migrants Fleeing The Russo-Ukrainian War

March 7th, 2022

📷 Photo by Global Citizen @glblctzn

Sonaaar is raising £20,000 in support of the migrant communities that are fleeing the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Many, especially men, are facing discrimination which prevents them from getting transportation to travel to borders and access accommodation.

Many are students of African, Indian and Brazilian heritage who were welcomed just a few months ago by their universities. Many are facing winter for the first time. They were legal residents of Ukraine that are not being afforded safe, humane passage out of danger.

Can you help?

Sonaaar is on the ground working with grassroots organisers and persons in the diaspora who are coordinating efforts to help them out of Ukraine to new host countries.

All funds raised will go to grassroots organisers and will be governed and audited by The Ubele Initiative.

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