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Systemic Constellations – Stepping into the Unknown by Yansie Rolston

October 1st, 2019
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Systemic Constellations – Stepping into the Unknown

Yansie Rolston


What do you do when you are unsure of your destiny,

unsure of the journey you will traverse to get there.

What do you do when you are worried about fitting in,

concerned about dynamics, politics, the opposing views that you may face.

The heart says“Turn up, go with the flow”.

The mind says “but what if…but what if…

That is what happens when you are stepping into the unknown


Planning for the future starts with focusing on the present

But what do you do when nerves step in, heartbeat quickens, and throat gets dry

Some say“focus on your breathing”, others say “ignore your fears”


We are in Greece, Athens to be precise,

Sunshine beaming, warmth radiating and challenges unfolding

The place is comfortable, the space welcoming, the energy in the circle invigorating

But the fear of stepping into the unknown looms large


Some embrace the experience and take to it immediately

Others take time to observe, to rationalise, to question the details.

Collectively we constellate issues, some personal some organisational.


In the circle these challenges were placed:

How to negotiate the transition, how to share, when to pass the baton

How to deal with unconscious bias, prejudice and racism when your employer acts with disgrace;

Family relationships are so complex, but what to do when they are vex;

Organisational aspirations mean that it needs to grow, but where are the roots to be planted, who will nourish the soil, who will nurture the saplings, who will decide when the branches need pruning.


Dreams are shared, differences observed, similarities acknowledged.

We walk, we explore, we talk, we cry

We laugh, we disagree, we shop, we eat

And though we were stepping into the unknown

We felt the fear but did it anyway.

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