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The Hook is Football. How is the Welcomeship project supporting entrepreneurship learning with local young people?

November 26th, 2019



by Odiri Ighamre

Welcomeship is an exciting new model for entrepreneurship learning with local young people and a great tool for inclusion. Ubele have been working closely with leaders Alfred Ekpenyong and Romario Hines - Mcleod from Youth Engagement Solutions in Brent.  An organisation that uses football to engage young people and inspire them to develop their leadership skills in other areas as well.  The Welcomeship activities firstly revealed that diversity can be hidden from visibility as the of the group of ten black boys spanned seven countries when they explored their backgrounds. 

The young people are all football players which brings them together each week despite the youth violence that otherwise divides youth across their borough. In the Welcomeship sessions, they are using the enterprise learning to create a youth-led football showcase, by youth for youth, having experienced first hand events that do not support young people and exclude those that do not have the means to take part. The driver for them is real inclusion and working together on a community enterprise that will develop their skills. They are seeking sponsors and support from local stakeholders that they are connecting with through the Welcomeship nights.  

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