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The power of sharing experience and learning, European Summer School in Berlin by Karina Morales

September 24th, 2018
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The experience with the European Summer School run by The Ubele Initiative within Erasmus+ programme has been the most powerful training I have been part of until now. As a student I would have never thought  I was going to be in different cities, such as Amsterdam and Berlin, learning from people’s professional and personal experiences. 


I would like to mention here three important experiences I had in Berlin. Firstly the power of sharing experience in smalls and big groups, secondly the importance of Action Learning and lastly the significance of Theory U.


I have learned so much from people during these courses. I really value the diversity and wellness of people to share previous and current issues or adversities they go through in work, family and studies so some people like me can learn and get so much knowledge, whether in journey learning or during one-on-one at lunchtime or dinner time.  I’ve met so many amazing people that have inspired me to keep fighting for the rights of vulnerable people and to encourage to grow in the career I’ve chosen, that is Community Development and Youth Work.


Action learning has an impact on my life and also of many others participants in this training.  I was so benefited from this course, not just because I gained the new skills, but also personally, I have been so empowered, and realised that sometimes we forget that we have personal power and we need to take the position of who we are. We have the solution for our issue or problem at home, work or volunteering, and just we need the right people, the right question, and set time and be open for different points of views.


Listening is an important skill that many times we lack, especially in London,  which is known as a busy city where there is no time to reflect or listen deeply to people. I believe Theory U can support social change.  As human beings and professionals, we should practice deep listening, which is vital. We often think we know everything and for that reason we are so quick to give  solutions or advices when people share anything with us.

Could be that the solution is to listen and allow ourselves to see a new idea emerging from just listening?

Could be that taking time to reflect will have a significant impact on the challenges in our workplace or family?

Could be that the lack of deep listening creates challenges and problems ?


I am so grateful for these opportunities, and for the fantastic work of The Ubele Initiative and its team. I definitely would like to keep on being part of this fantastic work and future trainings/ courses.

by Karina Morales

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