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The Ubele Initiative: Weekly News

July 31st, 2023

News and information from Ubele, our partners, collaborators on their exciting opportunities and events for each week. Be sure to check in to keep up to date with industry news. Subscribe to the monthly Ubele news here



Money4YOU launch a new tool for BAMER-led nonprofits

Exciting news! Money4YOU has just launched BAMER HUB 2.0, the one-stop-shop for BAMER-led nonprofits.

Discover hundreds of funding opportunities, access free courses and training, connect with other members in your area, engage in discussions, and stay tuned for the upcoming BAMER HUB Mobile App.

Join BAMERHUB.COM for FREE and unlock the tools you need to excel operationally and secure funding

Events and Opportunities

A social microclimate for your learning and development

Our friends at Huddlecraft are offering a smorgasbord of 'Huddles': small peer groups who come together around a theme that sets them alight, to learn, create or take action. Together they unlock potential they couldn't unlock alone. Huddles start in September and cover themes including: reimagining hope, facing your fears, creative practice, anti-racism for white men and many more! Each Huddle is a one-off. Check it out! Link to find out more about the Huddles on offer:

Apply to be a member of The YELC 2023/2024 Cohort. You will be exploring the theme ‘Moving from Climate Justice to Environmental Justice’.  

Apply to be a member of The YELC 2023/2024 Cohort. You will be exploring the theme ‘Moving from Climate Justice to Environmental Justice’.   

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our Young Emerging Leaders Collective (YELC). Having undergone a listening process, we are proud to launch a more structured 9-month programme, which will include a combination of community organising training and social lab sessions exploring pertinent contemporary issues/themes relevant to the lived experiences of Black and Racialised young people. 

Are you a Black or Racialised young person, who is passionate about Environmental Justice? 

As a part of our relaunch, we are looking to build YELC by recruiting 10 Black or Racialised Environmental Justice activists aged 18-30 based in and around London.  

 This year's YELC Cohort will be exploring the following theme ‘Moving from Climate Justice to Environmental Justice’. Through this exploration we hope for YELC members to be a part of creating more inclusive Environmental Justice spaces which ensure that the voices of communities most effected by injustices are amplified and that the work within this movement supports and serves these people.  More details are on the news stories and YELC project page on this website.

New funding for community resilience work.

Grants of between £10,000 and £75,000 are available focusing on response to the cost-of-living crisis. 

This funding from the National Lottery Community Fund can be used for:

  • food and emergency supplies – like food and baby banks or the provision of hot meals, clothes or toiletries

  • emergency shelter – like night shelters or other accommodation for people experiencing homelessness

  • safe spaces – like domestic abuse services and youth services

  • warmth – like warm rooms and spaces

  • financial and housing advice – like giving people advice because of the increased cost of living.

 All details can be found here:

Applications must be submitted by 16th October 2023.

The London Lab Update

The London Lab is an exciting project which aims to use the Social Lab Methodology to create systems change in regard to youth unemployment in Black and Racially Minoritised Communities.  

Thus far, we have engaged with over 40 individuals, the social lab enquiry team comprises of 11 members this includes representatives of 7 youth organisations and 4 young activists, all of whom are London based. The Roundtable events that are a part of this project allow us to engage with 30 practitioners beside enquiry team members, who wanted to share their learnings and be a part of the wider process.  

In recent months we have executed a Roundtable Event, delivered social lab sessions and executed a learning journey. Read below, to see what we have been up to and learn more about our exploration 


Learning Journey with Access UK, held 11th May 2023 

The social lab enquiry team visited Black Led social enterprise which offers information, advice and guidance support to improve outcomes for Black and Racially Minoritised young people in Education, Employment and Enterprise.  

The social lab methodology asks for enquiry group members to ‘Co-sense’ which calls for group members to connect with diverse people and places to connect with the systems from the whole. In relation to this project, it is important for us to visit an organisation that are known for their targeted interventions which are supporting Black and racially Minoritised young people into good and sustainable employment.  

Enquiry group members spoke with Nana Agyeman who delved into some of the work Access UK do and some of the specific interventions he feels have been good practice. He spoke in length for the need for targeted interventions for young Black people delivered by Black people with lived experience. They pride themselves on using a person-centred approach and supporting the individual needs of all young people who use their service.  

The Clothworkers Foundation
The Clothworkers Foundation has updated the criteria for their capital open grants programme, to include other types of digital infrastructure including databases and websites. More details here

📢 Charities and Social Enterprises: How can we help? 

As part of our #RecoveryLoanFund campaign, we’re running a series of webinars and workshop events over the next few months for small business owners interested in exploring ways to scale up and create financial sustainability. Look out for details on Ubele social media and website for more details. If you'd like more details about the Recovery Loan Fund, contact Josh:

The Screwfix Foundation
The Screwfix Foundation is a grant-giving charity which supports projects that improve, repair, and maintain facilities used by those in need throughout the UK. They currently offer grants of up to £5,000 to registered charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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