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The Ubele Initiative: Weekly News

February 21st, 2023

News and information from our partners, collaborators and more on their exciting opportunities and events for each week. Be sure to check in to keep up to date with industry news.


Turnaround Plan 2023 - 2025

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, has officially launched his Turnaround Plan.

You can read it in full here

The Social Enterprise Barometer Report

The Social Enterprise Barometer is a quarterly report providing a snapshot of social enterprise performance and a look at how specific economic and political developments are affecting social enterprises.

The February report shows that the next quarter is critical for many social enterprises. More than one in ten across the UK expect reduced turnover or to close due to the challenging economic climate. As many as 18,000 social enterprises might be at risk of closure.

Thank you to all our members who took part in the survey. We will continue to fight hard for better support for the sector.

Click here to read the Barometer Report

Events and Opportunities

Webinar: I Can't Breathe: Race, Death and British Policing

INQUEST would like to invite you to a webinar to launch their new report, I Can’t Breathe: Race, Death and British policing which will be published Monday 20 February.

The event will be held on Zoom Thursday 23 February, 12.30 – 1.30pm.

Please click here to register for the event.

Their new report reveals the continued institutional racism in British policing and the lack of accountability following deaths. We interview the families of five Black men who died in police custody or following police contact. The report also contains new data and analysis, as well as detailed interviews with expert human rights lawyers.

Attendees will hear from some of the families and lawyers whose testimonies are featured in the report.

The Zoom link for the webinar and a copy of the report will be circulated prior to the event.

They would be grateful if you could send in any questions you have on the report before the webinar. You can email them at with your questions.

Paid Opportunity for Black Community Activists

Last year, Civic Power Fund mapped South Asian community groups to look for groups that would be willing to do democracy/voter registration work if funded - the project was a success and they ended up getting three South Asian community groups funding from the UK Democracy fund (UKDF).

UKDF now wants to expand the project to look at Black British communities, particularly African, Caribbean and mixed communities. If you know someone who is from one of these communities and knows the groups that matter across the UK this is a great chance for them to get paid to grow and activate their network and get money into the communities they care about. 

You can find the full application pack here

Deadline for applications is March 6th. 

Social Prescribing Day - Send your stories!

March 9th is Social Prescribing Day, and Social Prescribing at London Plus want to use the day as a reason to celebrate our network and the amazing work you are all doing. On the day (and probably the week leading up to it) they would love to share any social prescribing success stories you might have on their social media – so if you have anything you have done, are doing, or will do that you are especially proud of, please let them know by emailing us with some details at

Lloyds Bank Foundation are recruiting a Director of Charity Development

You can find further information here.

Deadline for applications is the 13th of March

The Young Africa Centre are recruiting!

The Young Africa Centre (YAC), a vibrant group of conscious young people (18-35), is currently recruiting new members in preparation for a relaunch. The group is drawn together by a shared love and passion for all things Africa.
Following the recent opening of The Africa Centre’s new home, now is the perfect time for young people to take centre stage in shaping the next chapter of the organisation. So, if you meet the age criteria and are keen to be involved with The Africa Centre and contribute towards developing exciting new activities, please get in touch. Alternatively, please pass this message on to anyone you think might be interested.

Young Africa Centre Mission

  • To create value-led opportunities and support each other with critical tools and experiences that lead to positive outcomes.

  • To challenge the existing misconceptions and stereotypes about African culture and heritage in the UK.

  • To create relevant and compelling content that promotes safety and a healthy exchange of ideas leading to happier and more fulfilled lives.

If you're interested in joining the team or finding out more, simply email outlining why you'd like to be involved.

Submissions are open until 31st  March.

 Let your voice be heard!

The James Lind Alliance Outpatient Service Delivery Priority Setting Partnership wants to hear the questions patients, carers, healthcare professionals, managerial and clerical staff have about how care is delivered through outpatient services. The aim is to identify the top 10 unanswered questions about outpatient service delivery which will be the focus of future research. 

Complete the survey here to share your questions and thoughts.

 Further information can be found here.

Healthwatch England want to hear from you

At Healthwatch England, they are trying to collect a higher volume of feedback from ethnic minorities, to make sure people are proportionally represented in our feedback and to ensure they understand the barriers facing people from these communities when trying to access NHS health and care services.

Complete their online feedback form here

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