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Youth Change Makers Training by Adiam Yemane

August 3rd, 2018

I would like to start by thanking Ubele for selecting me to participate on YCM training. And resilience earth for creating an insightful training that has empowered me to continue developing my ideas and projects. A week or two before I was selected by UBELE to participate on YCM training I was hoping to find a course or a training that would offer me something similar to the experience and  knowledge, I was definitely at the right place at the right time. and I thank the universe as I felt very privileged to be a part of this journey with other like-minded people from different communities and backgrounds with the same goal in changing the world for the better.

We explored community resilience and learnt different tools and methods we can use for ecological regeneration while understanding social economy and personal agency. Resilience Earth shared with us some  disciplines of systems thinking which is not just a collection of tools and methods - it’s also an underlying philosophy and a way to think.

Systems thinking is also a diagnostic tool. As in the medical field, effective treatment follows thorough diagnosis. In this sense, systems thinking is a disciplined approach for examining problems more completely and accurately before acting. It allows us to ask better questions before jumping to conclusions.


Bellow I have listed some of the learnings from YCM training:

·         The Iceberg Model

·         The Edge of Chaos

·         Medicine Wheel-Haudenosaunee Nation

·         The Power Flower

·         Power Privilege & Social Change

·         A Three-Fold Theory of social Change

·         Cycle of adaptive Change

·         The Action Tree & The Organisational Forest

·         Non Violence

·         Emotional Battery Humanistic Systemics

We visited a project called Esbiosfera a community center that has a restaurant, permaculture garden, and a small room where they produce beer and sold to locals situated in the center of LLinars Del Valles and was given a tour around the garden and around the around the area where they have started local community gardens that everyone from the neighbourhood can use.


Angels Canadell a Philosopher from Uniterra spent an evening with us under the stars. She shared really interesting things she has learnt and researched. The topic that stayed with me the most was the difference between multicultural, intercultural and cross-cultural.

Being the only black participant made me feel really concerned about why trainings as such are not as diverse as they should be?

Thank you.


Adiam Yemane

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