Ourspace - Open projects

our space seeks to explore how we can build inclusive spaces that can harness community action.

Through this project we want to support the set up of community projects/ initiatives/ businesses driven by Lambeth communities who have been most affected by gentrification and who are often excluded from regular business-growth events. For this we'll be working across three spaces in Tulse Hill, Angell Town estates, and in Pop Brixton, and we'll build a training programme for local community leaders.

We'll be running this a World Cafe Kick-off event to create knowledge and explore questions including:

- What might currently prevent people in our communities to start or become part of community projects?
- What is needed to support projects from a broad range of communities and particularly from within more disadvantaged areas of the borough?
- What makes us belong to a community space, and what doesn't?

This project is funded by Power to Change through Sandbox Ideas Fund.