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CCLORS was £9.5 million funding which will be used to support community organisations in England that are facing financial difficulties caused by COVID-19, with an emphasis on supporting Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic led businesses. 

Ubele has been working with Power to Change, Locality, and Social Investment Business, in partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund, to build COVID-19 Community Led Organisations Recovery Scheme (CCLORS).

CCLORS offered much needed emergency funding and organisational support to community based organisations including those which are Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic led and/or are working to support local Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities.

The £9.5 million funding was distributed to 302 community-led organisations. 60% are Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic led or Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic supporting organisations. Our team of associates delivered 1:1 support to 13 grantees.

Quotes from project contributors

We know that front line organisations have struggled to keep afloat in these unprecedented times and a timely injection of cash and professional assistance will help them begin to create more resilient organisations for the future.

— Yvonne Field, Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative

Resources - Survive and Thrive: Supporting BAME community organisations through Covid-19 and beyond

Towards a more equitable approach: Suggestions & Guidance

Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic community organisations need our support now more than ever. Use this resource to help you reflect on your past work and reset your plans in order to support these vital organisations in their efforts to survive. READ HERE

Resource 1: Taking Stock: Getting ready for business planning and fundraising

Getting a handle on the why, what, how and who of your organisation. A good foundation for business planning, fundraising and managing operations during these difficult times. READ HERE

Resource 2: The Business Plan

Why it’s important to have one, what research is needed, making decisions about the way forward, and how to write a business plan that will be useful for fundraising and running the organisation. READ HERE

Resource 3.1: Applying for funding: Are you ready?

There’s no point in starting any application process if you’re not clear about which funder is best for you, how much funding you need and exactly what you’re going to do with the funds when you get them. Use this resource to help you gather the information, think about your priorities and be ready to apply. READ HERE

Resource 3.2: Applying for Funding: Writing the funding application

What’s the secret? Critical issues to address, speaking their language, and putting together a good application and supporting letter. What’s changed for your organisation since Covid-19? How have you adapted? How will you convince funders? READ HERE

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